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Automating payment flows and ensuring smooth transfers 

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Data Solution

Billecta is a subsidiary of SaveLend Group AB. Billecta provides a billing automation platform that automates the entire invoice flow – from invoice creation to reconciliation of incoming payments and bookkeeping, including claims handling.

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The power of open banking, Via best-in-class account information services
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Billecta provides a vast number of businesses and organisations – and their customers – with assistance in creating invoices and receiving payments. However, the performance of its previous account information service provider (AISP) in retrieving bank account numbers was far too unreliable for what Billecta’s brand aims to represent. The effect was that donors to charities, for example, couldn’t set up their autogiro-mandates. Additionally, Billecta’s team did not receive the prompt assistance that was required when problems arose. This prompted Billecta to identify and select a more reliable partner.


Improving reliability and streamlining performance was critical for the Billecta team when selecting a new AIS service – especially as many of its customers rely on this service. In Brite’s data solutions, it found an open banking data solution that would meet the requirements and provide stable operations. Collecting information swiftly and securely has helped improve its ability to provide regular payments – particularly those from the charity sector. What’s more, if there are any unexpected issues, Brite’s customer-centric approach means that any issues are dealt with immediately and with the urgency Billecta´s customers expect. 

Brite provided us with the reliability of service that our customers (and their customers) demand. Helping us to improve our performance and deliver a better AIS service. What’s more, with Brite, the quality of the customer support is there when you need it most.

Rickard Hessner Chief Commercial Officer Billecta
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