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Customer stories

Data Solution

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Automating payment flows and ensuring smooth transfers

Billecta provides a billing automation platform that automates the entire invoice flow.

Instant Payouts & Data Solution

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Powering Change Within the EV Charging Sector

Northe is a tech startup founded in Stockholm to simplify the “green” transition from fossil fuel-driven cars to electric ones.

Instant Payments

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Bringing auction payments into the 21st Century

Auctionet was founded in 2011 by Niklas Söderholm, formerly CEO and founder of Bukowskis Market, and Tom Österman, formerly of Bukowskis and Åmells.

Brite provided us with the reliability of service that our customers (and their customers) demand. Helping us to improve our performance and deliver a better AIS service. What’s more, with Brite, the quality of the customer support is there when you need it most.

Rickard Hessner Chief Commercial Officer Billecta
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We aim to offer as much of a smart solution as possible. We turn complex EV infrastructure into something quite simple to understand. Our customers pay for this service, so they don’t waste time and money focusing on something that isn’t their core business, and Brite helps us do that.

Abdulwahid Ahmed COO at Northe
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Enabling Brite Instant Payments for our customers allows our guarantee to extend all the way to the payment process, and we’re proud to say we can offer that to our customers.

Niklas Söderholm CEO of Auctionet
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Brite for business

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Instant payments

Discover faster, simpler, more secure payments. With Brite, customers pay straight from their account so you can say goodbye to credit and froud risk.

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Instant payouts

Make instant payouts 365 days a year with a simple, secure, and fuss-free API.

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Recurring Payments

The smarter way to set up a standing payment order without the need of any direct debit mandating registration.