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Powering Change Within the EV Charging Sector 

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Instant Payouts & Data Solution

Northe is a tech startup founded in Stockholm to simplify the “green” transition from fossil fuel-driven cars to electric ones. To do this, Northe provides a platform through its app that simplifies payments and the administration of EV charging both for individual customers and businesses. Northe aims to facilitate and automate the management of everyday charging needs, making driving electric a flawless experience. 

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Powering the future of transport, With next-generation payment technology
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In the fragmented world of EV charging, ease of use and reliability are vital hurdles to overcome. For Northe, the absence of unified charging networks results in diverse operators, different payment methods, and, for customers, uncertain charger reliability. Northe takes care of this by consolidating charging into a single, user-friendly app, simplifying payments for public, home, and office charging. Yet, to ensure reliability and scalability across its payouts, it needs to make sure it performs accurate and timely transactions. While – at the same time – streamlining its account setups to make EV charging for its customers as hassle-free and efficient as possible.


Northe needed a partner that could provide it with the necessary accuracy and speed to streamline payout and account processes, with the power to scale internationally. Through Brite, Northe can ensure reliability and scalability in its payout processes, benefitting both the company and its customers. Northe also gains a seamless and efficient account information service (AIS), which helps to reduce operating intricacies, while customers enjoy accurate, timely transactions, simplifying their EV charging experience. Plus, with Brite’s strong regional presence, proven track record in payouts, and potential for growth and flexibility via open banking, it is a partnership ready to propel Northe and its customers along the next step of the green transition. 

We aim to offer as much of a smart solution as possible. We turn complex EV infrastructure into something quite simple to understand. Our customers pay for this service, so they don’t waste time and money focusing on something that isn’t their core business, and Brite helps us do that.

Abdulwahid Ahmed COO at Northe
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