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Pioneering Instant Payouts in the hospitality industry



Instant Payouts

Swedish startup Gigleer is a digital platform that matches workers with jobs within hospitality. Through Gigleer, restaurants and hotels can find personnel for a specific job. Indeed, recruiting staff is an issue that impacts the whole of hospitality. During the Covid-19 pandemic, roughly 25% of employees left the industry. From this, founder Marcus Boström saw the need to urgently match employers and staff – the solution? Gigleer.

Get paid on time every time – And before the next job
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The gig economy is about speed, from registering for work and interacting with potential employers to receiving wages. Gig workers juggle multiple projects at a time and belong to a generation that grew up with a ‘digital-first’ lifestyle. They expect things to happen quickly and easily; waiting one to three bank days to get paid is unacceptable. If 75% of consumers consider it essential to receive Instant Payments from businesses, Gigleer knew it was time to seek out a better, quicker way to pay gig workers in a way that reflects the fast-paced environment in which they operate.


Using Brite Instant Payouts, Gigleer is simplifying the customer experience for gig workers. Once a worker completes a job, they instantly receive a notification through the app that their salary or agreed payment is to be paid out within x seconds. This fast and convenient payment method perfectly suits gigers ready to move on to their next project.

We are proud of our collaboration with Brite that makes it possible for all our users to receive their salary instantly and securely.

Marcus Boström Founder and CEO of Gigleer